3 Hacks to Ease the Transition to A New Routine

It might still be 98 degrees here in South Florida, but the start of the school year officially signals the end of summer fun. This time of year is an adjustment for children and adults, alike, and everyone’s trying to get back into a productive routine.

Here are things things I’ve learned to make the transition a little easier on my family. They’re handy tips for the current transition, but these hacks will help you manage a transition between any kind of routine.

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The Struggle of Superwoman Syndrome

There are so many of us who struggle with Superwoman Syndrome.  And the struggle is real.

We’re serving as the hero-in-residence in our homes, in our offices, and for causes that help make the world a better place. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it, and why not us, right? I mean, in the 21st century, it’s not unreasonable for a woman to think that she can have it all and do it all…right?

A distinguished career. A loving and supportive partner. One fur-baby and two children—one enrolled in gifted classes, the other in a Montessori program. A modest windowsill garden where we grow our own potted basil and cilantro. A spotless home. And endless good hair days.

It’s not unreasonable to want to be volunteer of the year, try a new recipe from your favorite Pinterest board each week, and always snap Instagram selfies that slay on the first try…right? I mean, we haven’t had a woman president yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Because: #NeverthelessShePersisted and #ReclaimingMyTime.

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Reclaiming My Time: 4 Lessons from Auntie Maxine Waters on Establishing Boundaries

In late July 2017, unassuming hero and everybody’s favorite play-auntie Congresswoman Maxine Waters started a social movement with three simple words: “Reclaiming my time.” Beyond its practical meaning in the context of a House Financial Services Committee hearing, the phrase struck a chord with women across the country and the internet exploded with the new catchphrase. Within days the story had taken over news feeds, trending hashtags, and even had a gospel remix.


If you haven’t seen the clip, please get your life together and watch it. (Bonus points if you watch the entire questioning.) We should all be taking notes from Auntie Maxine, who gave us a solid schooling on why it’s so important to establish and enforce boundaries in a professional environment.

Fortunately, the lessons she offers up are universal. Here are four key takeaways that we can all use to start reclaiming our time in other areas of our lives. Continue reading “Reclaiming My Time: 4 Lessons from Auntie Maxine Waters on Establishing Boundaries”