Ask This Powerful Question to Reach Your Goals Faster

It’s that time of year again…

Everyone’s obsessing over annual goals, resolutions, and vision boards. You’ve probably come up with a list of you want to do this year, too. 

But if you’re setting New Year goals like most people, the odds are not in your favor. 😬

By February, 80% of people who set goals or resolutions at the top of the year will have abandoned them

As a productivity coach and life coach, I’ve spent hundreds of hours helping my clients set goals and take massive action toward them. I’ve seen people smash through the ceilings of their goals, and I’ve seen them stall out. 

So what do my most successful clients have in common?

Preparing for Success

People who reach their goals consistently ask themselves this powerful question…

Who do I need to become to reach this goal?

Most people people fall into the trap of believing that reaching their goal is what will change their life.

“I’ll be financially responsible when I have more money.”

“I’ll work harder when I get a promotion.“

“I’ll feel more confident when I lose weight.”

But the truth is that you have to make the change first before you can reach your goal.

Closing the Gap

You have to close the gap between who you are today and your future self that has what you want.

The sooner you start acting like the person you want to be in the future—the version of you that has reached the goal—the easier it becomes to reach your goals. 

➡️ Make good financial decisions with the money you have right now.

➡️ Suggest your ideas for that new work project even though you’re not in charge. 

➡️ Wear clothes that make you feel amazing in the body you have today.

Otherwise, when you hold onto the same old habits and mindset, you remain the version of yourself that hasn’t reached the goal. And you keep creating the same results you have now.

And that will keep you stuck right where you are. 

To get different results, you have to become someone different.

Who will you become this year?

If you’re ready to finally set powerful goals and actually reach them, working with a coach can help. Book a sales call with me for one-on-one coaching today and let’s get started!

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