Why Motivation Is Overrated and What You Need Instead

I’m all about extracting the lessons out of life. Fortunately, motherhood comes with automatic enrollment in the school of lifelong learning, so I’m learning something new on the regular, as I try not to mess up raise my daughter to be a decent human being and productive member of society.

Everyday, I strive to keep my Nugget safe while also teaching her to be brave, think for herself, and trust her gut. It turns out that as I teach her, I am teaching myself.  She taught me one particularly memorable lesson a few weeks ago, when she showed me how overrated motivation can be.

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Self-Care: It’s Not What You Think It Is

It’s not your imagination. Everybody’s talking about self-care these days.

You can hardly find a lifestyle blog, women’s magazine or academic journal that doesn’t have an article on the topic. And a quick Google search of the term will quickly send you quickly down a digital rabbit hole that’s typical of the internet.

But despite it’s recent surge in “blogability”, the concept of self-care isn’t new.  After all, old school lessons on the importance of exercise, a balanced diet and getting your beauty sleep are all lessons in self-care. But there’s so much more to it.

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