3 Surprising Reasons You’re Not Hitting Your Goals

As an ambitious person, you’ve set a lot of goals for yourself. 

Career goals. Relationship goals. Financial goals. Fitness goals. 

You’re a rockstar when it comes to setting goals, but you don’t have a great track record when it comes to actually achieving them. 

Why is that?

You might think it’s because you’re lazy or unfocused. But the real reasons you’re not hitting your goals might surprise you. 

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7 Practical Ways to Smash Self Doubt

Setting goals can be exciting. You imagine all of the possibilities—being sexier healthier, killing it at a job you love, and making enough money to fund a life that makes you jump out of bed each morning.

And life is full of cycles that give us fresh starts like clockwork. Monday mornings. Birthdays.  The start of a new month or year. The end of Mercury retrograde. Any of these moments can make you feel like anything is possible. So you set a goal, put it on your vision board and get to work.

But after the excitement of a new goal wears off,  you begin to question whether you have what it takes to achieve it. Questions turn into doubt, doubt turns into fear, and soon you’ve lost your motivation and can’t remember why you were excited to begin with.

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Self-Care: It’s Not What You Think It Is

It’s not your imagination. Everybody’s talking about self-care these days.

You can hardly find a lifestyle blog, women’s magazine or academic journal that doesn’t have an article on the topic. And a quick Google search of the term will quickly send you quickly down a digital rabbit hole that’s typical of the internet.

But despite it’s recent surge in “blogability”, the concept of self-care isn’t new.  After all, old school lessons on the importance of exercise, a balanced diet and getting your beauty sleep are all lessons in self-care. But there’s so much more to it.

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