3 Powerful Questions for a Better New Year

Woman writing at a desk

It’s that time of year again. You know…when we all wonder at how quickly this year has gone by and start setting goals and creating vision boards for the next.

As a life coach and mindset coach, I definitely believe in setting goals and creating plans to accomplish them, so this time of year is my jam.

But lots of people miss an important step in the goal-setting process: reflecting on where you are right now.

And one of the simplest ways to reflect is by asking yourself (and answering) a series of questions.

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How to Master Your Self-Care Practice in 2022

Self-care is a key aspect of a well-rounded, healthy life. And it’s become even more important as we’ve all had to cope with a global pandemic and economic crisis.

Life is finally starting to settle into a new kind of normal, but you might still need some extra support to start the New Year on a good foot.

Whether you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder or feel better in your body, self-care will be critical to a successful 2022.

But what does self-care really mean? And how can you create a self-care practice that works for you?

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3 Things I Learned When I Had Laryngitis

2018 had a quiet start for me. You see, somewhere between 10pm and midnight on New Year’s Eve—while I was in church and very much not at a loud, salacious party—I randomly lost my voice.

At first, I thought my voice would recover with a good night’s sleep and a few cups of hot tea, but no. Three days later, I went to the doctor, who confirmed that it was an official case of laryngitis. The prognosis: it could take several weeks to fully regain my voice and there was nothing I could really do about it. In the meantime, I’d risk prolonging my recovery if I tried to force any sound from my throat.

For someone who talks and sings a lot, laryngitis is a frustrating experience. But because I’m all about finding the lesson even in loss, here are a few things I learned by being quiet.  Continue reading “3 Things I Learned When I Had Laryngitis”