3 Hidden Causes for Your Procrastination Problem

The procrastination problem is like an epidemic. It seems to be everywhere, and it feels contagious.

If you delay one task, and you end up falling behind in another. Suddenly, your whole day is off track, which throws off your week, and then your month.

Then one day you look up and realized you’ve been setting the same New Year goal for yourself for the last three years. 🙄

Procrastination is the kind of problem that causes more problems. But often, it’s a symptom of a deeper, less obvious problem, too.

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6 Ways To Keep Going When You’d Rather Give Up

"You Got This" written in chalk on a road

Life is awesome when you’re winning and hitting your goals. But sometimes, it just sucks.

When you get turned down for the promotion, or you realize you’re in a dead-end relationship, or you can’t seem to lose those last 10 pounds—it’s easy to get discouraged and give up.

Those are the moments when it’s most important to choose to keep going. But how?

When you feel like giving up, here are 6 simple things you can do to keep going.

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How to Organize Anything

We all have stuff. Big stuff. Little stuff. Cheap stuff. Expensive stuff. Stuff we got from our friends. Stuff we inherited from our parents.

Be it an overstuffed junk drawer in the kitchen, a troubled relationship with an estranged family member, or *ahem* a stack of pretty little notebooks that we buy compulsively whenever we visit HomeGoods, our stuff can cause us issues when we let it get out of hand. Whatever our stuff is, we either learn to control it, or it controls us.

Taking the time to organize your stuff can go a long way. But if the thought of tackling that dark, bulging corner of your life gives you the heebie jeebies, here are 5 simple steps you can use to organize anything in your life. Continue reading “How to Organize Anything”