6 Ways To Keep Going When You’d Rather Give Up

Life is awesome when you’re winning and hitting your goals. But sometimes, it just sucks.

When you get turned down for the promotion, or you realize you’re in a dead-end relationship, or you can’t seem to lose those last 10 pounds—it’s easy to get discouraged and give up.

Those are the moments when it’s most important to choose to keep going. But how?

When you feel like giving up, here are 6 simple things you can do to keep going.

Slow down, but keep going.

Sometimes, it’s not what you’re trying to do that makes things feel impossible. It’s the speed at which you’re trying to do it. Slow your roll, sis.

If there’s flexibility in your schedule and deadlines, use it. It’s easier to keep going when you’re not telling yourself that it’s now or never.

Chunk it down.

This is a tried and true method for making progress when you’re facing what feels like an impossible goal.

Stop focusing on the finish line and focus instead on the next two or three steps that you can take from where you are right now.

Even the smallest step in the right direction gets you closer to where you’re trying to go. And progress is a great motivator.

Gather more intel.

Sometimes, despair is just a lack of clarity dressed in fancy clothes.

If you’re not clear, having just a bit more information just might help you figure out what your next move should be.

WARNING: It’s a slippery slope from intel gathering to analysis paralysis. So decide upfront what kind of information you need, give yourself a time limit, and then act on whatever you learn.


It’s always good to have a plan, but real life is often messier than any plan you make.

If your plan is falling apart, it’s easy to feel like nothing you do will work so you might as well pack up, go home and bury your disappointment in a bowl of ice cream.

But no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, there’s more than one way to get it done.

Find one of those other ways (maybe by gathering more intel), take a deep breath and attack your new plan.

Change the plan—not the goal—and keep going.

Level up.

Okay, here’s a little tough love…

Sometimes, when things feel impossible for you, it’s because they are. You can’t always take the current version of yourself into your future.

An ambitious goal will require you to level up and become a more evolved version of yourself.

You can get there. You just have to be willing to become the person that can create the results you want.

Ask for help.

None of us are meant to do this life thing in complete isolation. We all thrive when we’re part of the right community.

Whether it’s your family, friends, peers, or hired professionals, find your community, and lean on them unapologetically.

You’ll be amazed at how far you can go with the right support.

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I know it feels impossible, but you have what it takes to make it. Give yourself some grace. Rest if you need to. But keep going.

Don’t quit on yourself. You deserve every try you have in you.

If you’re not ready to give up on yourself or your goals just yet, investing in mindset coaching to support yourself is your next best move. Book a discovery call with me now to find out if I’m the right coach to help you keep going.

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