How to Master Your Self-Care Practice in 2022

Self-care is a key aspect of a well-rounded, healthy life. And it’s become even more important as we’ve all had to cope with a global pandemic and economic crisis.

Life is finally starting to settle into a new kind of normal, but you might still need some extra support to start the New Year on a good foot.

Whether you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder or feel better in your body, self-care will be critical to a successful 2022.

But what does self-care really mean? And how can you create a self-care practice that works for you?

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You’ll get the answers you need at the Find Your Balance International Self-Care Summit. It’s happening online December 6-10, 2021, and I’m thrilled to be one of the featured coaches.

I’m joining 15 other amazing coaches to offer tips and tools you can use to get a head start on self-care for 2022.

And the best part is that you can get access to all 5 days of the summit FOR FREE.

Your free registration gets you access to the daily video trainings for 24 hours, so that you can soak in the information at your convenience.

My session, Self-Care through Healthy Boundaries, goes live on summit Day 1, December 6, 2021. (This exclusive training isn’t offered anywhere else. The only way to view it is to sign up for the summit. 😱)

Summit Details

Throughout the virtual summit, the other coaches will cover a variety of other topics that will help you master self-care including:

  • Self-love
  • Journaling
  • Mindful eating
  • Life purpose
  • Habits and routines
  • Manifestation
  • Burnout
  • …and more!

Check out the main page for the Find Your Balance International Self-Care Summit for a list of all the participating coaches, registration details and a full schedule. Trust me…this is one free event that you won’t want to miss!

If you want to take this work deeper, you can upgrade your free registration to a VIP pass. For an investment of $197, you’ll get one-year access to all of the video sessions from the summit , individual coaching sessions with 4 of the featured coaches, a gift card to the Mind Habit Heart online shop, plus several premium workbooks and courses.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the premium bonuses you’ll get when you upgrade your free ticket to a VIP Pass.

If you just watch the sessions each day of the summit, you will get some kind of positive result.

But with the VIP pass, you can get coached on the areas where you need the most support and use the other courses and workbooks to amplify your work. That’s the path to lasting transformation.

Make 2022 the Year of Self-Care

How well did you take care of yourself in 2021? What do you need to take better care of yourself in the coming year?

Whether you’re just looking to update your current self-care practice or are starting from scratch, the Find Your Balance Self-Care Summit has tips and tools that will help.

Decide to make 2022 your Year of Self-Care and sign up today!

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